The Project

Hi, my name is Monica, I was born in Imola – between Emilia and Romagna – and I live in Bologna. I am journalist and researcher of Contemporary History. Besides a “buona forchetta” (literally a “good fork”) with a true passion for beautiful and succulent stories. Tortellini&CO is my cooking and writing project.

The projectLiving in Bologna, the new Italian food capital, is a great privilege.
Cooking and writing food stories about people and food are my greatest passion.
I love traditional food markets and my kitchen in Bologna is full of simple and seasonal ingredients. I tell genuine and authentic Italian and Bolognese people connected with food.

The Project

It all started by putting my grandma Sara’s recipes in order. I wanted to share her simple and genuine dishes, but also the gestures linked to the preparations, memories and stories of everyday life.

I write food stories dedicated to Italian products and people who have turned their passion for food into a profession.

And about my Travel Itineraries to discover Italian boroughs. The beauty of my country and the goodness of typical Italian products never leave me indifferent.

Tortellini&CO talks about Emilia-Romagna.
About Bologna, the city where I live, and Romagna where I was born; about people and places that have an authentic taste. It’s a cookbook full of pages and flying papers. It’s a walk along the Via Emilia. One summer evening in front of the sea, Adriatic of course. An autumn afternoon spent picking leaves and chestnuts in the woods of the Apennines.

I chose to call my project Tortellini&CO because tortellini are my heart dish: they smell of roots, of goodness, of home. They are my comfort food against seasonal illnesses and black moods. But in addition to tortellini, I eat and cook all the classics of Italian cuisine and Emilia-Romagna tradition.

My style is polite, sober, clean. In life I have a green approach.
I don’t throw what I don’t want to find in my bag.
I love the seasons and I bring them to the table.
Weekend breakfasts and homemade merenda.
Simple tables with fresh flowers.

Tortellini&CO Project

Something more about me

MONICA, alias Miss Tortellini.

I live in Bologna but I was born and raised in Romagna. A region of sea-hills-countryside that winks over at Tuscany.

Cooking, reading and writing are my passions.

I have a PhD in History, I’m journalist and I was been Editor for Il Mulino in Bologna.

For any questions or suggestions, write me: