3 opened-faced stracchino sandwiches you need to eat

We’ve seen avocado spread everywhere in the last few years. Above all on the toast to create a great combo: avocado toast.

All we love it, but there’s a whole world of tartines and sandwiches out there that deserve a spot in your lunch rotation. Here, 3 health open-faced stracchino sandwiches that are as picture-perfect as they are delicious.

Kosher bread rich in seeds and organic stracchino cheese are the two main ingredients for these quick-to-make and luscious sandwiches.

According to your tastes, you can change some ingredients using what you find in your fridge. Or made them like me. They are super quick. Really good. And the one with dried figs, hazelnuts and honey works well as a little dessert.

Another, find smoked filets of salmon, taggiasche olives, dried figs, hazelnuts, just a little of honey. And, turmeric and chia seeds.

3 Opened-Faced stracchino sandwiches you need to eat

Snack or lunch?

Both, I mean. Perfect for a quick but quite healthy lunch. Or as a snack when there isn’t time for a true lunch. Also for weekend brunch and, in this case, you could combine this recipe with others from Tortellini&CO recipes – brunch section.

The main ingredients

I used German kosher whole bread. Brotkörbchen is a 5 different bread nuances in one packing. Therefore in the same box, you’ll find Rye Bread, Four Grain Bread, Sunflower Seed Bread, Pumpernickel, Fitness Bread. I love all their products!

Stracchino (Italian pronunciation strah-KEE-nooh) is an Italian fresh cow’s milk cheese. Also known as crescenza (Italian pronunciation: kreh-SHEN-zha), it is typical in the North of Italy.

“Stracca” means tired, a reference to the tired cows herded up and down the Alps. It was thought that tired, well-exercised cows gave extra rich milk with a high butterfat content perfect for making Crescenza.

One time unknown in the Usa, this cheese traditionally made with raw milk, it’s quite easy to find in Usa also made with pasteurized milk.

The paste of this cheese is creamy and can be slightly rubbery. For instance in Emilia-Romagna people fill piadina romagnola with it. But not this time!

As to eat these opened-faced stracchino sandwiches

I love them “made&eaten”. No warm bread. It’s a delicate balance between ingredients. I just rub on the bread’ slice stracchino. Then I need to add the last touch.

Before to eat, how to eat them?

First of all, start your taste itinerary from salmon sandwich. Continue with figs and taggiasche. Last but not least, finish with honey, hazelnuts and figs.

Before to leave you to spread stracchino on the bread, remember we’re waiting for you on Instagram: you cook our recipes and we’ll share them!

I wish you stracchino light up your days,

Food tip
  • Need thin slices of bread.

3 Opened-Faced stracchino sandwiches you need to eat

3 Opened-Faced stracchino sandwiches you need to eat


Serves 2


8 slice of bread
60 g soft stracchino

in addition
smoked filets of salmon
Taggiasche olives
dried figs
chopped hazelnuts
chia seeds
turmeric powder
olive oil, organic lemon zests, honey to taste


Salmon sandwich:
place a fish filet on the bread and rub on the cheese. Add zests, oil and turmeric.

Taggiasche e dried figs:
spread cheese on the bread, add olives and figs. Turmeric powder: yes! Why not.

Dried figs, hazelnuts and honey:
spread cheese on the bread, add figs, chopped hazelnuts, chia seeds and honey, of course!

3 Opened-Faced stracchino sandwiches you need to eat

3 Opened-Faced stracchino sandwiches you need to eat


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